02a) Create URL for pt-panel

Creation of the pt-panel URL

  1. Head into your Cosmos Server web UI, under ServApps.

  2. Find the pt-stack and select "View Stack"

  3. Find the pt-panel container.

  4. Under "URLs", select the New (+) button to create a new URL:

  1. Go down to the "Use Host" field, and make sure it says the same, as you set it to in the APP_URL in the Docker Compose example. In my case, it's https://pt-panel.engels.zip.

Warning! The URL you set here, must correspond to the one you set as APP_URL in the Docker Compose example

  1. Select Confirm to create the URL.

  2. You can press the Refresh button in Cosmos, if the URL doesn't show up immediately.

  1. You can head to the URL you created, and it should load the initial Pterodactyl login page.

  2. If it doesn't, go to the Troubleshooting section of this guide and see if there's anything there that can help.

On to the next step!

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