01cb) Accessing the SFTP server

Since we're already in the console view, I'll quickly demonstrate how to connect to the SFTP.

On my Windows machine, I use WinSCP as my primary SFTP client. So I'll use that for this tutorial. It serves my purposes well, so I have no experience with other programs, possibly with the exception of Transit5 for macOS. That also worked well for me.

  1. If your SFTP Client supports it, your browser will display a popup asking if you want to use that client to launch the SFTP link.

  2. You should obviously answer YES so that we can examine the SFTP server.

  3. It'll ask for a password - it's the same password you use for logging into the Pterodactyl Panel.

The SFTP password is linked to the user who has been designated as the server owner. This goes for each server created.

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