04c) Creating a DNS Zone API Key

Creating the DNS Zone API Key

Back in the step named Cosmos hostname setup, we left off at this part, where we had to enter information about the "DNS Challenge".

We will continue where we left off!

  1. We're going to need to create a DNS API Token, that we can put into the CLOUDFLARE_DNS_API_TOKEN in the Cosmos Setup.

  2. To do that, we need to head to the Cloudflare API Dashboard.

  3. In there, select "Create Token"

  1. In the next step, select to use the "Edit zone DNS" template

  1. In the next step, find where it says "Zone Resources" and select your domain in the box where it's currently saying Select...

  1. In the next menu, select "Create Token":

  1. Now you'll get the CLOUDFLARE_DNS_API_TOKEN token. Remember to copy it!

On to the next step!

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