03) Cosmos hostname setup

Cosmos hostname setup

You'll need to set up your hostname/domain. In my case, I'm using Cloudflare and a "proper" domain, so this guide will be written from that perspective. I apologize if your DNS service looks drastically different.

You may not need a literal domain; instead, enter your local IPv4 address.

I'm also going to configure my domain with a wildcard certificate because I don't want to create A and/or CNAME records for each subdomain - and because Cloudflare actually supports it quite well 😇

However, in this guide, I'll be using my newly purchased testdomain www.engels.zip.

Remember to keep the Cosmos Server setup tab open, until you're finished. Open a new tab, if you need to configure Cloudflare or other DNS providers.

Hostname setup

  1. You can enter either a domain that you own, or your local IP address as your domain. In my case, I'm going to use my domain engels.zip.

  2. Select the Let's Encrypt option, if you got a web-domain. Otherwise, you should select "Generate self-signed certificate".

  1. After that, I'm going to select Cloudflare as my DNS provider.

  1. For the next part, I'll need to do the "DNS Challenge setup". All this is not needed, if you don't have a web-domain. So you can skip the DNS Challenge part, if you just use your local IP.

You should keep the Cosmos Setup tab open, while you configure Cloudflare and the parts needed for the DNS Challenge!

On to the next step!

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