02b) Create URL for pt-wings

Creation of the pt-wings URL

  1. Head into your Cosmos Server web UI, under ServApps.

  2. Find the pt-wings container.

  3. Under "URLs", select the New (+) button to create a new URL:

  1. The container port should be changed from 80 to 443. Otherwise, SSL/reverse proxying will not function.

  2. Go down to the "Use Host" field, and make sure it says pt-wings.domain.com . In my case, it's going to be pt-wings.engels.zip.

NB: You can basically choose whatever URL you want for pt-wings, you just need to remember it for later. I'm going to choose pt-wings for my subdomain, and use that for the rest of tutorial.

  1. Select Confirm to create the URL.

  2. You can press the Refresh button in Cosmos, if the URL doesn't show up immediately.

On to the next step!

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