02a) Locating the egg

Locating the egg

For this tutorial, I'm going to import an egg for Valheim with BepInEx enabled.

  1. Go to the Egg repository, locate and then select V Rising Vanilla.

  1. In there, you'll see the entire README for that egg

  1. Most importantly, what you want to take note of are the Server Ports.

  2. It is typically divided into "Game" and "Query" ports. When you create a new server, you allocate the "Game" port in the "Default Allocation" field. However, when configuring the server, you will usually have to manually change the Query port. If that sounds confusing right now, I'll explain when we're ready to create the server.

  1. The default V Rising ports in this case are 9876 for the Game port and 9877 for the Query port. And then 25575 for the RCON port. But these ports can be changed into whatever you'd like.

  1. The important thing here is to count how many ports the game server requires and remember that number for when we build the server. Because the "V Rising" server requires three ports (game, query, and RCON), we require three ports in total.

  1. This includes the one for Default Allocation. In total, we need the default allocated port, plus two additional allocated ports for the query and RCON ports.

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