03d) IP and Port allocation

The IP and Port allocation is where you specify which Public IPv4 addresses the game servers should connect to and which ports they can use. You may also be able to use hostnames or local IP addresses, but I haven't tested that.

IP and Port allocation

  1. Another box with the title Assign New Allocations can be found to the right.

  2. Enter your public IPv4 address in the IP Address field. It is in my case

  3. If you want, you can enter an IP Alias. This is mostly useful if you have multiple IPv4s connected to your system/network and need to tell them apart. I'm going to leave mine blank, since I don't really care.

  4. You should select a range of ports that are not currently in use for the Ports option. I usually use ports in the 35000 range. You can always add more and remove the allocated ports later if you want.

  5. For now, I'll stick with 35001-35020. This will give me 19 ports that I can use for game servers.

  1. It'll give you a list of the IPv4 + the ports alllocated. Now we can continue!

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