04b) Check if pt-wings work

In this section, we'll verify that our config.yml works as expected. Then we'll connect our 'pt-wings' container to the 'pterodactyl_nw' network we created in our config file.

Restarting the pt-wings

  1. Finally, we can restart our pt-wings container:

  1. We should now examine the container's logs. To do so, navigate to the Logs menu in the pt-wings container's Details.

  2. Something along the lines of this should be there:

2023-07-26 19:28:52
  INFO: [Jul 26 21:28:52.731] loading configuration from file config_file=/etc/pterodactyl/config.yml
2023-07-26 19:28:52
  INFO: [Jul 26 21:28:52.732] configured wings with system timezone timezone=Europe/Berlin
2023-07-26 19:28:52
  INFO: [Jul 26 21:28:52.733] configured system user successfully gid=988 uid=988 username=pterodactyl
2023-07-26 19:28:52
  INFO: [Jul 26 21:28:52.737] fetching list of servers from API
2023-07-26 19:28:53
  INFO: [Jul 26 21:28:53.051] processing servers returned by the API total_configs=0
2023-07-26 19:28:53
  INFO: [Jul 26 21:28:53.051] finished processing server configurations duration=467.113ยตs
2023-07-26 19:28:53
  INFO: [Jul 26 21:28:53.056] configuring system crons  interval=1m0s subsystem=cron
2023-07-26 19:28:53
  INFO: [Jul 26 21:28:53.057] starting cron processes   subsystem=cron
2023-07-26 19:28:53
  INFO: [Jul 26 21:28:53.058] configuring internal webserver host_address= host_port=443 use_auto_tls=false use_ssl=false
2023-07-26 19:28:53
  INFO: [Jul 26 21:28:53.059] updating server states on Panel: marking installing/restoring servers as normal
2023-07-26 19:28:53
  INFO: [Jul 26 21:28:53.062] sftp server listening for connections listen= public_key=ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDIXNTE5AABAIGagsxnhw/CplLwwJVe/WhpiC4zybb66ZXI7Okjvmxdg
  1. Find the pterodactyl_nw network and select Connect.

Check if the reverse proxy work

  1. To see if the pt-wings reverse proxying is working as intended, load up your https://pt-wings.domain.com site up in a new tab in your browser.

  2. In my case, that would be https://pt-wings.engels.zip.

  3. It should give you this message:

"The required authorization heads were not present in the request."
  1. Oddly enough, this means that it's working as intended.

On to the next step!

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